The Rolling Clones

The Ultimate Rolling Clones Tribute Show

“Keith Richards cannot be killed by conventional weapons” – Del Preston, Wayne's World 2

We're choosing to believe this is true. How else could you explain the fact that, despite almost 60 years of death, drugs and falling out of coconut trees, the greatest show on earth is still on the road? Formed in 1997, The Rolling Clones have been entertaining crowds across the world for almost 25 years, distilling the show down to a pure hit of Rock ‘n' Roll. They are, without doubt, the finest Rolling Stones tribute show in the world. If you want the complete experience, hire the Rolling Clones today!

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Live Shows

An outstanding Rolling Stones Tribute Band”...

Klaus Meine, Lead Singer, The Scorpions




You like the Rolling Stones? You'll love the Rolling Clones!”...

Jean-Remy Von Matt, Jung Von Matt Advertising Agency


It was a huge honour to have you perform at our party! Your performance was second-to-none and we enjoyed the evening tremendously!”...

Dieter Zetsche, CEO of Mercedes-Benz





The Rolling Clones performing on stage red lights guitars

Why Pick the Clones?

 Full Experience

Some tribute bands nail the look but can't sing. Some bands sound great but can't quite replicate Jagger and Co.'s distinct look and feel. With The Rolling Clones, you get the complete package, with authentic performances and all the fun!

 Fantastic Sound

As I'm sure you know, when it comes to that unmistakable sound, there's no band out there like the Rolling Stones. That is, except for the Rolling Clones! They don't just play the music – what they bring is the complete live experience, with all the attitude and all the fun!

 Play Everywhere

Birthdays or Bah Mitzvahs, festivals or funerals – there's never a bad time to jam out some Stones classics. Whether it's in a theatre, an outdoor venue or on a Napoleonic fort in the middle of the ocean (done that), The Rolling Clones bring the music wherever you need it.